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The Timeless city book cover

Charles Middle Klyston has always wanted  adventure. He dreams of glory, questing and becoming a hero. Most of all, he dreams of love.

But be careful what you wish for. Charles embarks on a self- changing journey, somehow accompanied by a woman with an unknown background, a secret she holds dearly to her heart.

Together, they take on a quest where evil has taken root and threatens to overwhelm all the lands. The root of evil? People have taken Time into their own hands. And Time waits for no man.

Can’t wait to get started? Jump to Chapter 1: The Legends of Old

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4 thoughts on “What’s NEW!

  1. What’s in a name? Haha reminds me of our workshop, why did u call him Charles Middle Klyston? Had read your animal one and im like YEAYY REVOLUTION! I think it is happening as in elephants and leopards are attacking humans. I don’t feel sorry for them, it’s nature taking revenge. 😀 Mankind is very destructive, and it’s not surprising…


    • Heh, my main character’s name was something that just came out of nowhere. I just wanted him to have an ordinary name, with a funny little twist. Read the first chapter to find out why his middle name is ‘Middle’… 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve always thought that humans will bring about their own destruction. (Sheesh, I speak as if I’m not one)


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