To My Silent Readers

This short little write- up is dedicated to my very silent readers, to express my utter contempt at your entirely unresponsive— Just kidding.

Anyway, this post is to analyse the reason behind Why We Don’t Dare to Click the Comment Button, and other mundane things.

For me, at least, I‘ve always have had difficulty typing in random stuff to update my status on some social network. I don’t exactly see the point of wanting to inform the world of my mood that day, or what I’ve had for lunch, or where I went to for an outing. Or maybe I just lack the courage to update my status, because I fear that people will judge me based on that.

The ‘Post’ button looks so intimidating and imposing, that I feel exactly the same as Gru, from Despicable Me, when he set the telephone on fire on his desk, just because he didn’t dare to call the woman he liked out for a date. Pathetic, I know.

For that reason, I actually admire people (are you one of them?) who are brave enough to put such stuff on the internet. I mean, they actually have the courage to go type something out, like how they are feeling that day, or what they just ate, and post it for all the world to see!

I think this is the reason why I rarely click any button that has ‘Comment’ or ‘Post’ or ‘Share’ scrawled over it. Up to this point, you must be thinking what an anti- social creature I am. Or perhaps wondering why I even have a blog in the first place. Funny how things turned out to be, eh?

So, the question of the day. Do you dare to click the Comment button? 😉 I guess we’ll see, won’t we? (A challenge, if I’ve ever seen one!)

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