Camelot, I Will Return: Blurb

Good day, Your highness!

The first short story that belongs in this series will be up soon, titled “Camelot, I Will Return”. However, methinks it is better that you had an overview first!

So here’s the blurb of Camelot, I Will Return:

Morgan Le Fay, a powerful enchantress, has but one job—to protect King Arthur. However, the King is making the job difficult, merely with his tomfoolery.

Things start to turn for the worse, when Morgan realizes her evil sister, Morgause, made all the more powerful with the learning of dark arts, has come to Camelot in the hopes of causing chaos.

Can Morgan Le Fay, protector of the King, and as an extension, Camelot, prevail?



One thought on “Camelot, I Will Return: Blurb

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