Camelot, I Will Return: Part I

Greetings, milord and milady!

This is the main story of The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay. If you are feeling a tad confused, and would like a blurb of Camelot, I Will Return, you can find it in the previous post, or here.

Sharpen thy swords and ready thy shields! We enter into battle with Morgan Le Fay!



My reputation precedes my self. I hardly require the court herald to announce ‘Morgan Le Fay’, and all eyes are upon me, as I walk in a stately manner down the grand stairs, robes studded with precious gem stones whispering over the rich marble floor, surcoat with my family’s coat of arms—the Duke of Cornwall—glittering beneath the glowing lamp light.

This same reputation, which I despise more than embrace, has led to numerous attempts on my life, be it a cowardly drop of poison in my drink, or a frontal attack, in my bed chambers, of all places.

They were, no doubt, fuelled by Morgause, my elder sister. She too, an enchantress, seeks to best me in the art. I seek only to protect Camelot from her insidious attempts to wreck havoc.

As I stalk down the ballroom, knights and ladies alike part like two multi- coloured streamers, allowing me to cross the floor, and make my arrival known to the King.

Whispers fill my ears, and with my enhanced hearing, I hear a babble of voices, filled with admiration, fear and hate. The ones with hate—I take note of their owners, and make sure to trace them to their rooms tonight, to slit their throats. A small smile quirks the corner of my lips, ruining my otherwise glacial expression. Perhaps, my own skills do exceed my reputation.

King Arthur Pendragon, my worthless half- brother, sits on his throne, laughing at some silly joke Sir Gawain has made. Gawain is Morgause’s son, and in other words, my arch enemy’s offspring. I watch him closely, as he twirls his goblet idly between his fingers, right hand reaching to his waist to … withdraw a dagger? My pulse quickens, and I reach into the vast store of magic inside me, preparing to cast—

Halt. The little bugger is only going for a quick scratch of his rump.

Swivelling my eyes to the King, I drop into a curtsy, baring my teeth in a rough approximation of a smile. Arthur is an asinus, an ass. A good ruler he does not maketh, for he laughs and drinks all day, leaving most of his job to his council, largely made up of Sir Bedivere, and well, Sir Bedivere.

Many a times I had to interject the courtly affairs with some meddling of my own, to push things in the right direction. The upcoming war with the Saxons, for one, had almost been triggered early. Sir Bedivere had wanted to throw down the gauntlet, when our army was only half prepared. I wanted to slash the half- wit across his face. Let the Saxons come, I say, and by the time they arrive, we’ll have the ballistae ready, our army bursting its ranks, all armed to the teeth.

I am brought back to the present when the King beams like a moon- addled fool at me, and he beckons to me with a crooked finger, exclaiming, ‘Moggen, welcome to the party! I had hoped you would come, as is against your wont, and I would not have forced you. After all, who expects to be escorted to a party like a prisoner!’ He laughs uproariously, as if it is the best joke in the world. Gawain joins in, a second too late, and I know he is mostly inebriated.

I recoil inwardly at the use of my nickname, Moggen, bestowed upon me ever so kindly by the asinus. Keeping my pleasant facade firmly on my face, I reply, ‘Sire, I wish to protect you against possible assassinations.’ Pointless blathering is not my forte, and I do not wish to continue a conversation with an asinus.

I back off a step, and stand rigidly by his throne, eyes constantly roving around the ballroom.

Seconds later, a black shadow swoops by my peripheral vision, and I turn just in time to see a raven fly past the window. The raven’s mellow croak fills my head, ‘She is here, third level, fourth room.’ I send back a mental nod of approval and my appreciation for the news.

Morgause is in the castle.

In my room.


The second and final part of Camelot, I Will Return is out! You can view it here.

Try The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay to view all the adventures that Morgan has experienced so far! 🙂

Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “Camelot, I Will Return: Part I

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  5. Although one is not well versed in the language and customs of King Arthur’s court, your tale Milady has brought me great joy. I look forward to the adventures of Morgan Le Fey with great anticipation. Xo


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