Quest of Avalon: Blurb

Good day, milord and milady!

Tis the second short story in the series, The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay!

The blurb below heralds the arrival of this second short story, titled ‘Quest of Avalon’, which comes right after ‘Camelot, I Will Return‘. It is advisable to read the previous series before embarking on the next one! 🙂

Quest of Avalon – Blurb

Camelot is in a state of turmoil, with a desperate King, and a war looming on the horizon.

Morgan Le Fay is torn between her duty to Camelot and her disdain for King Arthur. However, another problem presents itself—Merlin arrives, requiring her help to find the King a new sword. Together, they travel to Avalon, land of faeries, to seek the unreasonable Lady of the Lake, to forge King Arthur that one sword fit for a King—Excalibur.

During their journey, secrets are uncovered, and they find out that Avalon, isle of faeries, the place where magic folk dwell peacefully, is about to be attacked.

Morgan and Merlin have to race against time, as both the siege on Avalon and the war in the World of Men draws near. Can they save Avalon, forge Excalibur and deliver it to Arthur, all before the war against the Saxons closes in on Camelot?


Quest of Avalon will be up real soon. Excited to enter Avalon? Just hang in there for a bit!

Toodle pip! 🙂


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