Quest of Avalon: Part III

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If you recall, we left off at the part when Merlin and Morgan settled down for their breakfast, and Merlin told Morgan that the asinus required a new sword.

Happy reading!

Note: If you would like to catch up with the previous series, you may scroll through at your leisure in The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay.

The topic of swords is next brought up when Merlin and I take a stroll in the courtyard of my father’s mansion.

‘It is rumoured that the Lady of the Lake has a sword fit for a King.’ Merlin begins.

‘Rumours.’ I scoff. I do not put much stock in rumours.

Merlin glances at me, and seems to catch on to my skepticism.

‘It is the only lead I have, short of going to Avalon to forge a faery sword myself.’ He shrugs helplessly. Avalon, the court of faeries, is where we, enchantresses and wizards alike, originate and dwell. Well, most of them, anyway.

‘By the by, Merlin. You were the one to vanish my garden bench, weren’t you?’ I narrow my eyes at him, as we stroll past the place where I would normally see a bench.

Merlin smirks in mischief. As we walk past the place, I glimpse the sudden reappearance of the bench at the corner of my eyes.

‘The Lady of the Lake, it is then.’ I sigh, as if a garden bench had not interrupted our conversation. ‘And now, Merlin, your reason for coming here?’ I probe. We both know that if he wants to inform me of the happenings at court, he can always send a page to deliver a letter.

‘I need your help.’ He says, shoulders sinking.

‘I will not help the asinus.’ I say sharply. I relent when Merlin looks hurt.

‘But I will help you.’ I soften my words. Merlin brightens visibly, and his relief is palpable.

I laugh at his expression. ‘Surely, the Lady of the Lake is not so intimidating that you require my assistance.’

‘Morgan, you know not how she frightens me so, I…’ Merlin trails off, looking every bit like a small boy caught in wrongdoing. His straight eyebrows furrow into a frown, and he twists his robes with agitated fingers.

I agree quietly with him. The Lady of the Lake, known for her temper and high demands, creates a wide berth between others and herself.

‘Rest assured, I shall help thee in thy quest, Merlin.’

So it is that the next day finds me packed and standing at the entrance of my father’s estate, my stallion’s reins in my hand, and Merlin already sitting atop his horse, his belongings in the saddlebags, his wooden staff strapped across his back.

‘Let us be off.’ Merlin declares. ‘To seek the Lady of the Lake.’

‘Aye.’ I agree, swinging up my horse to ride side- saddle. My long sword hangs by my waist, and I shift it slightly as I settle on the stallion.

By unspoken consent, we decide to ride the long way to Avalon, winding our languorous way through the forest, instead of across open grasslands, as I do not want to lay my eyes upon Camelot, in its devastated state.

By the end of the first day, we have crossed most of the forest, and are at the part where the trees start to thin. Night falls, and we decide to make camp.

We alight from our horses as soon as we find a clearing. Merlin gathers logs, and lights a fire with a brief gesture over the wooden pile. I pace around our camp in a circle, drawing from the reserves of magic in the air to render our campsite invisible. Merlin rubs down our horses, whispering little phrases that I can’t catch to them. They nicker softly and press their muzzles into his hands.

Even my proud stallion succumbs to Merlin’s charms. ‘Traitor.’ I mutter at my horse as I walk by. Merlin’s soft chuckle follows me.

I procure some venison and bread from my pack, and we settle into an amiable silence as we have our pitiful supper.

‘We should be near Avalon in a day’s time.’ Merlin mutters sleepily as we settle down on either side of the campfire.

I smile up at the stars. O Avalon, how long have I not stepped in your waters? I miss the castles, their golden spires rising up to catch the sun. I miss my faery friends, whom I have not seen in five years, as I have not found the time to return to Avalon.

I fall asleep beneath the twinkling stars and the silver moon, and the cool night air that washes over my skin.


More to come, and soon, too! What do you think about Avalon? 🙂


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