The Lonely Boat

Author’s note: Hi! Here’s a poem for you… I actually gave this poem loads of thought. This poem stemmed from a painting I created in my head, and then my muse tickled me into writing this. The first words that popped up in my head was actually in the first line of the last stanza, then I expanded it from there.

This poem might sound like a bit of a party pooper, in the sense that it is quite depressing. However, don’t let it scare you away, and don’t think me some sort of person who bemoans the state of her life or something. Because I’m not! Heh. But anyway, happy reading, and I’m curious about your thoughts. Enough of talk. Enjoy!

The Lonely Boat

The sun shone dark and blue,
In a world so strange but true
Beneath the unearthly inky glow,
A boat sat unchallenged by any foe
And inscribed along the bow,
Stencilled in the deepest brown,
It was written ‘The lonely boat’

The sky was green and bright,
In a world which has known no night
And outlined by the alien sight,
A boat sat unmoving but alive
A gust of wind huffed and sighed,
Blowing a piece of sail aside
Unveiled, it read ‘The lonely boat’

The mountains reflected the colour of sapphire,
In heaps so tall like spires
Dwarfed and hidden in the shadows,
A boat sat untouched and so very cold
Icicles gripped unforgivingly along the prow,
In fingers of ice, chilling to the bone,
Formed the words ‘The lonely boat’

The lonely boat, alone and afloat,
In a world so strange and vast,
Drifting and listless,
Trapped in the web of time
The world pays no heed,
As the boat is suspended, indecisive,
Between the light and the dark


What do you think of ‘The Lonely Boat’? 🙂

What do you think?

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