Quest of Avalon: Part IX

Greetings Milords and Miladies!

At long last, an update of Quest of Avalon. Fret not, I have not forgotten ye.

Ah, enough of that drivel. If you wish to catch up with the previous parts in Quest of Avalon, you may check out The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay.

Here’s a recap: Morgan awakes in Avalon, in her room. She meets Alvarie, her faery friend she has not seen in ages. Morgan finds out from Merlin that there will be an invasion of hags in Avalon soon, and promptly blows her top. The matter of King Arthur’s sword has to wait now…

I sweep down the stone spiral stairs of the castle of Avalon, still fuming over Merlin’s refusal to inform me of the current and dire situation Avalon is in. Half of my mind is already planning on what I should do when I reach the ground level of the castle.

Merlin is behind me, mumbling to himself, and Alvarie forms the rear, an anxious frown upon her small, elfin features.

I branch off suddenly, when I reach the seventy-third level. Merlin and Alvarie are not far behind.

I stride quickly down the corridor, flashes of sunlight momentarily blinding me as they stream in through round windows, set along the walls. I ignore the feel of lush furs under my feet, that carpet the otherwise stone cold floor, and the various faeries who call out in greeting to me. I finally reach the door I’m looking for, and with a single knock, I open it, to reveal another bedroom.

At first glance it looks empty, with sunlight spilling in from the window, the bed neat and tidy, and the wardrobe closed and looking abandoned. Then, I spot in the shadows, on the other end of the room, a silhouette of someone seated by the study table.

‘What is it, Morgan?’ The person asks in a languid and bored tone. ‘You know I’m busy.’

The figure shifts, and sunlight falls as a ray across his face. He has slightly slanted eyes that are lit with an inner-amusement, as if he is laughing at something others do not get. Those eyes are followed by smooth features and thin lips, which are constantly pulled in a lazy smile.

It is Faylinn, commander of the faery guards.

‘There is going to be an attack on Avalon. What are you busy with?’ I ask him coldly.

‘Ah,’ Faylinn, for the first time ever, is brought up short. He runs a cool, blue-eyed gaze past me, only to rest it on Merlin. ‘She knows?’

I let out a short exclamation of frustration.

‘Not you as well!’ I snap, irritated. I whip around to glare at Merlin. ‘Why do you insist on keeping such things from me?’

‘What is she on about?’ Faylinn asks with polite puzzlement.

‘Haven’t a clue,’ Merlin replies with a wink.

I growl at both of them.

‘The hags are a threat to Avalon. What have you done about this?’ I demand.

‘Fret not, my lady. I have sent scouts out of Avalon. Even as we speak, they are searching the area around Avalon, in the World of Men. They will return anytime now,’ Faylinn replies smoothly.

‘That is good,’ I sigh, appearing quite mollified. ‘I will gather the enchantresses and enchanters alike, to surround Avalon with our protective and combined magic.’

‘As you wish, my lady.’

Faylinn himself is a water nymph, who is one that can manipulate water to fit his fancies. Alvarie is of his ilk as well.

I step into Faylinn’s room, walking up to his full-length windows. Faylinn raises the windowpanes for me—he knows what I plan to do.

Before I take the plunge, I turn to Merlin and Alvarie.

‘Merlin, please await Faylinn’s scouts, and relay their message to me. Alvarie, follow me.’

‘Aye, my lady,’ Merlin’s subdued voice startles me, until I realise that I have been harsh to him of late.

I pause before stepping off the edge of the window.

‘Merlin, I apologise if I have offended you. I understand why you have concealed the invasion of the hags from me, as you did not wish to see me react thusly. I appreciate the kindness and friendship you have shown me, though underserving I am of it,’ I draw in a breath. ‘Believe me, if not for that, I would still be brooding my time away in my father’s estates,’ I stop suddenly, aware that I have divulged more than I intended.

Besides, I do not dabble in the fine art of foolish babbling.

Two crimson spots colour my cheeks, and I turn away without waiting for a response, taking a hold of Alvarie’s hand, and preparing to dive towards the castle grounds.

‘Hold, Morgan,’ Merlin reaches out as if to take my arm, before retracting his outstretched hand abruptly. ‘I should have known that the information would have reached you sooner or later, no matter the circumstances. As for my friendship… What could I do but to offer it, to my friend who needed all the help she could get?’

It takes me a while to answer, as I swallow past the lump in my throat. ‘You are too great a friend, Merlin.’

Merlin’s eyes are shining, and he opens his mouth to reply, but Faylinn cuts across him lazily.

‘As much as I regret interrupting this delightful conversation, methinks tis nigh time that you moved on, so that I may rid my room of this unnecessary clutter, thank you very much.’

I laugh at this characteristic response of Faylinn’s, and reply teasingly, ‘This is why you have no friends, my dear Faylinn.’

With that, I leap off the ground, and out of the window. Alvarie follows me obediently. We hear a snort from Faylinn above, and Merlin’s chuckle, before we shoot out of earshot, towards the grounds that is scattered with tiny pin-pricks that are fellow faeries, far below in Avalon.

So, what is Morgan going to do now? Is there anything going on between Morgan and Merlin? I’m curious about your views.

More to come, hang in there! 🙂


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