The Faery Ring

The Faery Ring

Some time ago, I went on an amazing trip to Scotland. I visited the Fairy Glen in Isle of Skye, and the picture above is evidence of that. No doubt, I am no photographer, nor did I go at dawn … Continue reading

Fish Eyes

I’m back with a poem, in which I ponder our blinkered existence. On that happy thought, away we go! Fish Eyes I once crossed a frozen lake at the Swedish border. Wind whistled over the white lands; frost feathered the … Continue reading

Bed and Breakfast

Here is a fun little poem using the iambic rhythm (4-3-4-3) that randomly popped up inside my head. Bed and Breakfast There was a man who overstayed and did not pay his dues; we steamed his rugs and then him … Continue reading

The Perfect Pair

All in all we’d done quite a good job — the sunglasses, the workers’ vests, the guns — purchased from an alcoholic slob. We’d even swiped an extra magazine from the desk when he was smoking pot. We were perfect … Continue reading

What am I?

I slither down the drain, Hitting the watery depths with no pain I can smell things a mile away And can be smelled just in about the same way I am the King of my unwanted empire, Wanted though, with … Continue reading

The Lonely Boat

Author’s note: Hi! Here’s a poem for you… I actually gave this poem loads of thought. This poem stemmed from a painting I created in my head, and then my muse tickled me into writing this. The first words that … Continue reading

The Remedy for Verboseness

If I could give you a tonic, That could make you laconic, Then perhaps it’ll cure my ear ache, And reduce the buzzing in my head. You won’t go on and on, In an attempt to explain an un-wrong, And … Continue reading


Author’s note: So, a poem on sarcasm. This poem only represents the icky part of sarcasm. I think sarcasm can be really, really funny sometimes, if used in small, cautious amounts. This poem might not be meaningful or anything, but … Continue reading

Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry

The text used for my piece of blackout poetry is the poem ‘Love song, with two goldfish’ by Grace Chua. Go check it out! 🙂 I love the fish- related metaphor! 🙂 You can find it here. So here’s my … Continue reading