Afterword of The Timeless City

Hello! After reading The Timeless City, you might be wondering if there was a sequel… And yes, there is!

What goes into my sequel really depends on you, for I want to know what you want to read. 🙂

You might have missed the whole of The Timeless City as some of the chapters were taken down, but vote if you want to, cause it will still be cool! I know, I know, you won’t be making an informed choice and all that, but still, it’ll be fun to vote! 🙂


Remember, whether there will be a sequel or not actually depends on you!

Thank you for voting! If you do have anymore ideas for the sequel, or just about anything else, please feel free to comment below! I shall commence the frantic scribbling of my quill, to feed you insatiable readers! 🙂

Good day!


*Fast forward a couple of weeks*

Interested in knowing the result? Check here for the answer! 🙂 Nonetheless, I’ll still be keeping in mind your vote, for it is very important to me. Even though the results are out, please feel free to comment below on anything you wish to see in The Timeless City’s sequel!


6 thoughts on “Afterword of The Timeless City

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