Foreword of The Timeless City

Now, now. Before you go running off to read ‘The Timeless City’, I’d like to say a few things about it.

Writing ‘The Timeless City’ has been a great experience, where I find myself exploring different forms and styles of writing. I think, or rather, I hope, that my writing skills have improved from the many accumulative hours of pounding away at the keyboard.

There are some parts in the story that I love, and some parts where I cringe, and some parts that make me laugh and grin to myself, like an addlepated fool. Bear in mind though, this story is a first draft, so major constructions might be made in the future. Actually, come to think about it, it all depends on YOU. Your feedback will be very, very helpful, if you manage to point out loopholes or even just grammatical errors, which I try to avoid. At the end of every chapter, I hope you can share your thoughts and feelings about it. That would make me very happy indeed. And when Mildred is happy, she might be encouraged to write more, and the next chapters might just come rapidly!

One last point to note: You might find the characters, especially the main one, exceptionally silly. I hope you will not be put off by his silly nature, and will be an ardent supporter of ‘The Timeless City’. That would be very nice of you, really.

Now, enough talk. Off you go!

Click to go –> Chapter 1: The Legends of Old


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