Immortal Beings

Hello! Here’s a poem for you! My inspiration for this piece is actually from the Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini. I’m quite a fan, see. Anyway, I refer to the elves, who are immortal, and it makes me wonder that if they had a choice, would they rather be mortal? 🙂


Immortal Beings


Blessed, I am, with this curse,

To walk among unknown turfs

Roaming foreign lands, forsaken and alone,

The cold seeps into the wandering traveller, chilling to the bone

And I ask myself this question— do I want to be immortal?


My cloak is dusty, my eyes are weary

One by one, I watched my friends die—

Wishing I could be freed from this dreary life

And as I remained untouched by the passing of time,

I asked myself this question— do I want to live forever?


What is death? What is life without death?

What is my fate, my destiny?

Am I to walk alone, stolen of my last breath?

Will I be bound to the earth, for an everlasting eternity?

And I asked myself this question— do I want to live infinitely?


But as I walked through the green forest,

The iridescent wings of humming birds, the sweet smell of nectars—

So sweet, it rests heavy upon my lips,

The slippery morning dew that coats my skin,

I asked myself this question— will I get to choose immortality?


Will I see the sun, shining strong and bright,

If Death was to creep up in the night,

And shut my lids, with frosted fingertips?

But I have grown tired when centuries,

Pass by merely as a couple of blinks


And I asked myself this question— do I want to be an Immortal Being?

Yes, and No

I don’t know


Forgive the indecisiveness of the persona. 🙂 Now, I shall ask you this question– do you want to be an Immortal Being?


2 thoughts on “Immortal Beings

  1. How do u write poetry? Haha how long were u paolini’s fan? I think being immortal can be very tough esp when the world changes but the old can’t keep up. Got one episode of the fisherking when merlin gave him the curse bracelet. My fav partlol


    • Hi Fenris 🙂 I like the Inheritance Cycle for its colourful descriptions and such. Hmm, for me, the inspiration for poetry comes and goes, so it really depends on my muse. Yes, that’s very true. Ooh, The Eye of the Phoenix! That’s one of my favourite episodes too.


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