The White Stag

Here is a short story, as a Christmas treat! Have a Merry Christmas, and happy reading! 🙂

Two men, bundled in so much clothing you couldn’t see their faces, stood staring at the edge of the forest. One was clad entirely in roughly sewn deerskins, from hat to boots, with a pouch made of deerskin slung from his shoulder. The other wore furs, his hood thick with it, that the hairs tickled his nose.

The snow was falling thickly now, and the two men were merely two blurs facing the dark woods. With an unspoken signal, they melted into the trees. The one with deerskin led the way, treading cautiously through the woods, pale eyes darting to and fro. The other followed closely, and if his ears were atop his head, they would have been pricking the air.

Suddenly, they halted with a puff of frozen breath.

The snow shifted, and there it was, a white stag!

It snuffled at the base of a tree, unaware of the observers. Its antlers were white with a dusting of snow, and pale silver, sleek and glimmering, was its coat! Oh, how noble it was, as it bowed its great head to probe at the frost-covered ground. Such was the beauty that shone from the stag, the two men stood transfixed, gazing wonderingly at the animal that couldn’t be real.

The snow seemed to slow, as if enthralled with the sight as well.

Presently, the deerskin man came to himself, and nudged his fur-covered friend. With a start, the friend raised a bow, an arrow notched and ready. It was a monstrous weapon, crude and powerful.

The arrow flew straight and true. Gone was the myth, the dream in the moonlight! Crimson seeped down the white neck, as the stag closed its brown eyes.

They cut it there and then, separating the head from the torso with bleak efficiency. When the snow finally stopped falling, it was red. They left an incriminating trail as they dragged the carcass back home.

In the hut, the fire crackled merrily, and the two men lit their pipes with satisfied sighs. In front of them, an assortment of food lay on the low table – the roasted turkey taking the center.

“Ho, not bad for a day,” the deerskin one said.

“Imagine the head on our wall. It’ll make a pretty sight!” The fur-covered one guffawed.

Far away, a lonesome cry echoed in the snowy woods, as a different world dissolved into nothingness.

Hope you liked it! What do you think the white stag represented?

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