About the Author

Hello! You have landed on Mildred’s writing blog, where she posts her own stories, poems, and random thoughts that might flit through her mind.

She is first and foremost a child of God, who strives to live with Christ as her identity. If you’d like to know what that means, or just to chat, you can talk to her on Pencil Nibbler’s Facebook page, or drop her a message here!

Mildred likes to use a third person context to write her stories, because she feels that it is easier to express her feelings through that particular fashion. However, this does not mean that all her stories are in third person.

She mostly writes fiction, and particularly enjoys writing high fantasy. She dreams of far-off, secluded kingdoms with mysterious, enchanted forests; of castles that have spires so sharp they gleam like dragons’ teeth; of half-forgotten kings and queens who roam their halls of gold. Thoughts like these form like mist in the dusky glades of her imagination, in which she loiters for eons…

Photo 6-8-19, 6 51 46 PM

A quick shake of her head — there, she is back. On occasion, she blunders into life’s deep topics that are definitely beyond her ken, and posts such updates in the What’s NEW! segment of her life. Good luck with that, right?

Well, Mildred feels that if she goes on describing herself, she might sound a mite too verbose. She shall end here now, and would like to hope that those who managed to read till this point will enjoy her works. She would very much love to hear what you have to say too. Toodle pip! 🙂

5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. hello sis. just supporting the page, haven’t actually read any posts yet. but….. will do that in the days to come! AND…. C U TMR!!!! HAHAHAH


    • Hello! Thanks, that just made me really happy. Let’s see, my background is just an image from the internet (background credits below), that I found pretty adorable and fitting to my blog’s title, Pencil Nibbler. For different settings of the background, check out your blog’s ‘Customise’ function! 🙂
      As for not knowing what to do, don’t worry, you are not alone! I, for one, am still groping my way through the vast blogging world. But we’ll eventually find our way! 🙂
      I hope I’ve answered your questions! Happy blogging!

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