About the Author

Hello! You have landed on Mildred’s blog. Her full name is Mildred Ang, and this is a writing blog, where she posts her own stories, poems, and random thoughts that might flit through her mind.

Mildred likes to use a third person context to write her stories, because she feels that it is easier to express her feelings through that particular fashion. However, this does not mean that all of her stories are in third person.

Her stories are currently pitched towards young adults, because she is one herself. She mostly writes fiction, and particularly enjoys writing fantasy and historical fiction. Occasionally, if she ever does feel a slight inclination towards science fiction, she might just dish out a few stories on that genre. So keep your fingers crossed.

Mildred enjoys writing about girls who find themselves in difficult situations and fight their way out without assistance, contrary to the simpering damsels who require their knights in shining armour to rescue them. Most of the characters in Mildred’s stories are the kick-butt, smart-ass sort, and not the fluttering eyelashes, prone-to-fainting kind.

Mildred feels that if she goes on describing herself and her works, she might just sound a mite too verbose. She shall end here now, and would like to hope that those who managed to read till this point will enjoy her works. She would very much appreciate constructive feedback too. Toodle pip! 🙂


7 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Hello! Thanks, that just made me really happy. Let’s see, my background is just an image from the internet (background credits below), that I found pretty adorable and fitting to my blog’s title, Pencil Nibbler. For different settings of the background, check out your blog’s ‘Customise’ function! 🙂
      As for not knowing what to do, don’t worry, you are not alone! I, for one, am still groping my way through the vast blogging world. But we’ll eventually find our way! 🙂
      I hope I’ve answered your questions! Happy blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Hey Oliwinki60! 🙂 Thank you so much! Exactly! If the age requirements were measured by heart years, I’m quite sure the whole world would be able to join!

          (Psst: Could you reply directly to the post in future?:) And yes, I didn’t forget you, the one who flattered me by complimenting my blog’s layout. Heh.

          By the by, talking about blogs– your blog is fantastic! (No, honest!) The background may be a little distracting though! But I love the pun! 🙂


          • Sorry about not responding to the post directly (I get terribly confused where I should write – told you I’m old and not that IT savvy!) Are you on Facebook by any chance – it would be nice to see what you are doing. If you don’t want to friend though – don’t worry. I’m such a big kid!!! (Name is Lynne Olesinski) Take care and good luck 🙂


            • Hey Lynne! 🙂 Yes, I’m on Facebook, but it’s filled with many embarrassing pictures.. (Argh, not that I could help it!) Do you perchance have a Twitter account instead? (If no, it’s ok, we’ll figure out some way to talk) 🙂


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